Seed Bank

Seed Bank is a recent series where I contemplate the value of seeds, circularity and time-cycles. Organic flora are stamped into coins that are collected, held in an ever-evolving bank. Within each coin at its centre, one finds a seed embryo. An abstract motif grows out from the embryo giving each coin a unique identity. The motifs form a visual language, a distinct currency. Like a sarcophagus, the coins act as masks holding and preserving precious contents within. The coins are held fast floating within, yet also hovering above, an organic and microcosmic universe.

How should these coins be spent?

In the creation of this work I hope to question the constant prioritizing of profit over the environment. Capitalism has no boundaries, but biosphere and its capacity is finite.

Value, nature, profit, history, all are intertwined.

We need to think carefully before we break the bank of mother nature.